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Our award-winning international banking service. Open an Offshore Account if you receive funds in foreign currency, have multiple global income sources or business interests abroad, own property abroad & travel frequently, have family studying or working abroad or looking to diversify your finances.

What does it offer you

We offer a cross-border banking solution for your global banking needs, together with the reassurance of banking with a trusted and reputable brand: NF Credit Union, an affiliate of Wealth and Investment

  • Access to your US dollars anytime, anywhere. We also offer access to other currencies that you may need.
  • You get interest when your account is in credit.
  • Have your currency consolidated in one place.
  • Certainty and security with the Depositors’ Compensation Scheme.
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  • Fast money movements with no exchange control restrictions.
  • You get unlimited access to foreign exchange.
  • You do not pay a foreign currency deposit charge.
  • You get a secure Visa debit card so you have no need to carry large amounts of cash, cheque cards or travellers cheques.